Modular Javascript

When you first start using JQuery as a developer, chances are you’ll write a whole load of sequential instructions which get the job done, but are hard to debug and become unwieldy as the project size increases beyond the very small.

This video series by really helped me as I was making the transition to more structured JavaScript. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual – John Somnez

I’ve just finished reading this truly excellent book.

It’s a feast of distilled wisdom on the life skills needed to succeed and thrive as a software developer. Rather than focusing on technical skills, which are covered in so many other books and videos, John instead generously shares his hard earned insight and experience on topics as diverse as financial management, maintaining physical and emotional health, working for your self, and cultivating a positive and effective mental attitude.

In each bite-sized chapter there are practical and immediately actionable exercises to improve any developer’s life across the board.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. You can purchase it by following this link.


Ebay Importer WooCommerce Plugin

Ebay Importer WooCommerce Plugin With this awesome plugin, you can import your whole ebay store to your Woocommerce site in just a a few simple steps. You can then keep your Woocommerce store up-to-date by syncing your site with ebay. Save your self hours of tedious work by puchasing this bargain plugin.

Please use this link to buy Ebay Importer WooCommerce Plugin for the amazing price of $29. Envato Code Canyon Ebay to Woocommerce Importer To make use of the plugin, you will need to create a set of API keys and a token, as described here.