Alternatives, Possibilities and Choices

Alternatives, Possibilities and Choices

Today I want to talk about another excellent thinking tool from Edward de Bono which has many applications in web design and development.

It’s called Alternatives, Possibilities and Choices (APC for short).

The basic premise is that we are educated, and have possibly evolved, to make use of the first solution to a problem that presents itself to our minds. However, very often, this first solution is not the optimal one!

The topic ties in with a very interesting problem from decision theory and daily life: the secretary problem, which explores the fundamental human dilemma of the look/leap balance.

The basic message is:

The first solution you think of is probably not the best!

When it comes to considering solutions, you really should “overthink” – keep going with ideas for longer than you think you need to, and then decide on the best one. There are more precise and specific details for those interested, but even just as a basic “rule of thumb” this approach can transform your decision making process.

The power of de Bono’s thinking tools is often underestimated due to their simplicity. However they actually come from years of research and refinement and are used effectively in many top companies and in schools throughout the world. Some more info can be found here: Alternatives, Possibilities and Choices.

May you make good decisions from abundant options.

Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual – John Somnez

I’ve just finished reading this truly excellent book.

It’s a feast of distilled wisdom on the life skills needed to succeed and thrive as a software developer. Rather than focusing on technical skills, which are covered in so many other books and videos, John instead generously shares his hard earned insight and experience on topics as diverse as financial management, maintaining physical and emotional health, working for your self, and cultivating a positive and effective mental attitude.

In each bite-sized chapter there are practical and immediately actionable exercises to improve any developer’s life across the board.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. You can purchase it by following this link.


Maths Sandpit

Use the buttons to add different coloured triangles to play with. Drag them outside of the sandpit to delete them.

I’ve just written a simple app to help people explore maths with shapes and colour. It can be used for all sorts of topics from simple arithmetic to more complex ideas like ratio and permutations. Below is an example of the sandpit in use, giving a simple visual representation of the ratio 1:2. Maths Sandpit by Robin Andrews