WordPress Training

Need a hand with your WordPress site?

WordPress Training in Devon

I can help you with:

  • Installation and basic usage
  • Using themes
  • Making your site search-engine friendly
  • Using CSS to customize your site’s appearance
  • Choosing, installing and configuring plugins
  • Creating custom fields and post types
  • Creating your own template files with HTML and PHP
  • Working with the WordPress loop and database
  • Making sure your site behaves well on mobile devices
  • Much more besides…

Whether you are a compete beginner or have worked with WordPress for a long time, there are many challenges involved in getting your site to work and look as you want it to.

WordPress can be deceptively simple. When things go as expected it’s amazing how easy it can be to produce great websites. The trouble can come though when something doesn’t behave as it’s “supposed” to. This can be something major, such as your site not showing at all, or some niggling detail like the position of a menu item or a colour that needs changing, or anything in between.

When this happens, it can take literally hours to identity the cause of the problem and find a solution. This is where having outside help can save you much valuable time. Many very skilled and experienced WordPress administrators have a great understanding of the world “inside” of WordPress – using the administrator tools, installing themes and plugins etc., but when it comes to understanding the file structure of WordPress and how the pages which get displayed are put together, they are lost at sea. Having this level of understanding can completely transform your approach to managing your site. For example, rather than installing a whole bunch of plugins to get relatively simple tasks done, you can in many cases create your own solution, and only install a plugin when absolutely necessary, thus avoiding all sorts of potential problems with conflicting plugins and site performance.

For the less experienced, becoming a competent and confident administrator is a worthy goal and this too can be helped enormously with some outside input from a real person, rather than searching the web for solutions which you only partially understand and which may not fit your particular use case.

I can help!

I offer WordPress training in person, over Skype or phone and by email.

My credentials

WordPress Training in Devon with professional WordPress developer

I have worked with WordPress for over six years and am a qualified teacher holding a degree from the College of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. As well as building many sites, I have helped clients to use WordPress to grow their businesses by, for example:

  • Blogging more effectively
  • Getting the appearance they want for their site
  • Using WooCommerce to build online stores

as well as developing the technical skills listed above.

Call now to discuss your learning needs on 07717252766 or use the details on the contact page to get in touch.