YSlow – Test Your Site’s Performance

Test your site’s performance with YSlow browser extension for detailed performance analysis at the click of a button

YSlow website speed analyser

These days everyone seems to be talking about website performance, and speed in particular. As time goes on, the major search engines are giving more and more weight to speed in their ranking algorithms.

If you want to know how fast your site is, along with a detailed breakdown of the contributing factors, then there is a fantastic free tool you can use called YSlow. It’s available as an extension for all major browsers and is as simple to use as literally clicking a button.

Here is a screen shot of the kind of information it gives you:

YSlow - test your site's performance

This kind of detailed breakdown gives you actionable steps you can take to improve your site’s performance and thereby keep the search engines “happy.” This can be invaluable if you want to keep or gain the edge over other sites offering similar products and services. 

If you find that your site is performing at lower than a “B,” you will probably want to take steps to improve the situation. There are several things you can do ranging from the simple to the involved, and you may want to bring in outside help if this kind of thing either baffles or bores you!

Once you have checked out how your site performs with YSlow, you might find it interesting to try the tool on other sites to gain useful insights. I hope you enjoy using YSlow!